Our business in the United Kingdom has flourished ever since we started operating. It is a prime destination for the students to get a degree from as it has always transcended the list of best countries across the world for academicians. Possessing a vibrant history and dignified universities the world has ever heard of, the country has triumphed in maintaining a multicultural environment making it amiable for students who are tepping out for the first time ever. We have so far recruited students at various leading universities like Coventry University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Nottingham Trent University, Sunderland University, London Metropolitan University, Brunel University, university of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire University, University of London, University of East London, De Montfort University, Bath Spa University, Bournemouth and Poole College, Angela Ruskin University, London college of Styling, Buckinghamshire New University, Bath School of Art & Design, to name but a few. We are also working closely with pathway study groups like Oxford International, Cambridge Education Group and Navitas as it increases our reach both in the country and globally. Destination Abroad is committed to assisting the students in locating universities that offers courses that best suits their passion. Our team is known for extending its unanimous support all through the way.



The United States of America’s charm for attracting students to its world class universities never dimmed. It still is one of the most popular destinations to study at. We have been actively recruiting students at various leading universities and colleges like Stevens Henager College, Everest University, National University, Coleman college / university, Lincoln University, Foothill & De Anza College, Glob University, Concordia niversity, Trine University, Stratford University, Alliant University, Harrisburg University, University of Advancing Technology, Schiller University and Cleary University. One of the common factors in all the above mentioned universities is Curricular Practical Training (CPT) potion and we have over the years earned goodwill and name for promoting students to CPT based program which helps the, build their career and adds laurels to their resume along with studies. This allows them to complete their education with benefits like practical training in their field and the financial burden is reduced to a great extend on account of the stipend received while gaining the practical training. We have so far enrolled more than 2000 students and about 850 students got successful visas .

Vancouver, BC Skyline - Vancouver Downtown in Summer. Canada Photo Collection


Canada having plentiful opportunities to offer, Canada has in the past decade become an attractive destination for aspiring students. The Canadian economy is expanding by the hour and its effect is seen on the development of its universities making it excellent in its approach for its research. The growing multicultural environment has on the more made it a welcoming country adding to its charm and glory. In the past we have recruited students to universities like


Not only the Australian natural wonders or the Sydney Opera House, but also the Australian universities are now an attraction for the youth. Australia stands at the centre of the environment conservation, making it a popular destination for students to aspire to study subjects relating to environmental science. As it attracts people from across the globe, it possesses a rather multicultural environment. Australia thus gives not only a greater range of professional skills but also a much broader, more international perspective. Our students have been recruited to


Though a small country, its potential is rather huge. New Zealand has come up as a country well facilitated and well equipped world class education system. It’s popularity is increasing among the students making it one of the most chosen destinations. It is known to be providing an excellent international student support which makes the journey for newly migrated students much much easier. Also, the cost of education in the New Zealand is comparatively cheaper than the UK, USA, Australia or Canada which makes it less difficult for students who come for humble backgrounds. We have helped recruiting students at universities like, We have our own local office and retail network and as we work closely with European Universities, we have sub agent network all over India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal as well. This makes handling of initial application communication easily and results into a hassle free perfect application. Also, if need be we can always send one of our best personnel to visit your campus and present the proposal in person. We look forward to getting an opportunity to working with you.

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