About us

Based in London, Destination Abroad Limited is a robust venture that has been recruiting students at various universities across continents. Working globally, so far we have recruited students from Europe, specifically from the United Kingdom, Italy and Poland, The United Arab Emirates, from numerous Asian countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka and China and are propelling to start recruiting from more Asian countries. Apart from that, we have recruited students from Australia and New Zealand as well. We have so far maintained assisting on an average 300 students each year for admissions to international universities and colleges, visas, education loans and pre and post departure information through our team which is highly proficient. Destination Abroad has succeeded in building a strong reputation as a provider of reliable support to aspiring students, it has been instrumental in helping the students in realising their dreams of studying and experiencing a culture of a foreign land.

Meet our team

Mr. Nikeshkumar Patel

Managing Director

Currently in the UK, Mr. Nikeshkumar Patel has established himself well in the UK education market. He along with the other directors founded Destination Abroad Limited with the intention of bridging the gap between aspiring students and universities where they want to be. So far, he has helped 1000s of students attain their dream of studying in the United Kingdom. Having had successfully ventured in the UK education market, he then extended his reach to other countries popular amongst students for higher education like the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. He is dedicated and works day in and night out to ensure our high working standards are maintained and never compromised.