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We at Destination Abroad Limited are dedicated to being instrumental in helping aspiring students realise their dream to study abroad. We put in our best efforts to help them find a course that best suits their career goals. We recruit students at universities and institutions of repute and never compromise on delivering quality. Based in the UK, we have recruited 1000+ students from across the globe and are currently working on expanding our reach in the UK and beyond.

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We at Destination Abroad Limited are a team dedicated to helping aspirants find a university that best suits their career goal. We have an exceptionally talented and well-trained proficient team that does its best to cater to the needs of the students. We have business contracts with universities and institutes of repute across the globe and are constantly endeavoring to expand our reach. We help our students with career counselling, university applications, loan assistance from banks and provide pre and post visa departure services. 


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I have been a student at Destination Abroad and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great place to be at. The staff is very responsible, fair and excellent. There is an equal balance of timely processes and hassle free communication so that everyone gets what is to be done. I got my admission in Greenwich University with the course that I was most interested in, MSc Economics. I’d recommend Destination Abroad to every student who wants to pursue their further studies abroad.

Jignesh Dhamaliya

Destination Abroad has provided me with a platform on which I can pursue my further studies. It has been a great experience and I’m very delightful that I didn’t come across any issues or concerns throughout the process. The course of actions was uncomplicated and rather pretty smooth. I’d definitely make a reference for it if anywhere necessary.

Dhruv Bhatt

The most incredible feature of Destination Abroad that I came across was that the wholesome process of being the student there is seamless and fluent. I was helped in all the queries and questions that I had during my time there. It was all learning and evolving experience of being a student at Destination Abroad.

Shrushti Sharma

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